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Update on Shriver Hall's Renovation

Mar 07, 2018

"For all of the upheaval caused by the renovation project, nothing

has interfered with what Shriver Hall Concert Series does so

well—bring to Baltimore some of the best classical musicians

around." —The Baltimore Sun

Dear Friends,

All of us at Shriver Hall Concert Series are dedicated to bringing you stellar musical experiences: concerts that delight and inspire with exceptional artists, captivating repertoire, and exhilarating live performances.

We are thrilled with the upcoming 2018-19 season—you'll receive its announcement in early April. In advance of that, we also want to share some news about the Shriver Hall renovations.

We had hoped to be back in Shriver Hall in July 2018, but The Johns Hopkins University is now anticipating the facility will be ready to re-open in early 2019. This means that our wonderful concerts will be presented off-campus for the first half of the new season at Goucher College's Kraushaar Auditorium and Baltimore Hebrew Congregation.

Please know that we will continue to provide clear communications about these off-campus locations, including directions, parking information, and other details important for your visit. And, we pledge to take great care to seat you to your satisfaction and make sure you are comfortable in the venues.

Here's the upside of the delay. The original plan called for updates to the lighting system, related electrical work, and new, improved seats. As the work proceeded, the JHU team realized there was more that it needed to be done to improve the public spaces, not just the auditorium itself, and that it made sense to do it all at the same time. When we return, you'll enjoy:

          » New, more comfortable seating
          » New lighting and sound system in the auditorium
          » Renovated restrooms
          » Renovated Main Lobby with new finishes
          » New auditorium and stage flooring
          » Renovated Clipper Room with new flooring and upgraded AV system
          » New HVAC and fire suppression systems
          » Improved exterior, including a new flat roof, new paint, and restoration of the
             cupola and portico

So, when you receive our new subscription brochure in early April, we ask that you consider subscribing and supporting us during this exciting transition. Your joining us as a subscriber and/or contributor will help us remain fiscally healthy and artistically sound. As Tim Smith reminded Baltimore audiences recently in the The Sun:

          "For all of the upheaval caused by the renovation project, nothing has
          interfered with what Shriver Hall Concert Series does so well—bring to
          Baltimore some of the best classical musicians around."

Thank you for being part of Shriver Hall Concert Series and we look forward to bringing you more outstanding musical experiences.

with warmest regards,

Edward F. McCarthy, Chair

Catherine Cochran, Executive Director