From Concert Hall to Testing Site: Shriver Hall & Covid-19

Mar 30, 2021

Since our last concert in Shriver Hall in February 2020, some of you may have been wondering what’s happening in Shriver Hall.  Over the past year, Shriver Hall has been transformed into an asymptomatic testing site for Covid-19 for Johns Hopkins University on-campus faculty, students, and staff.  Though it looks different than we are used to, Shriver Hall is playing an important role, along with other testing hubs, to keep Baltimoreans safe and healthy. Shriver Hall is one of many testing sites on the Johns Hopkins University Campuses and the Greater Baltimore Area.  

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The Piatigorsky Memorial Concert and the legacy of Gregor Piatigorsky

Mar 19, 2021

The musical life and legacy of cellist Gregor Piatigorsky have hugely influenced the world of classical music and the cello. His legacy is evident throughout the landscape of classical music through various memorial concerts and prizes including the Shriver Hall Concert Series’ Piatigorsky Memorial Concert. Established in 1978 by Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Drachman and Dr. and Mrs. Joram Piatigorsky, this concert has brought many amazing cellists to the SHCS stage and Baltimore audiences throughout the years. 

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