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News about Oct 21 and Nov 11 Concerts

Oct 09, 2018

"This was sublime music-making, and one more testament to the continuing value of Shriver Hall Concert Series." —The Baltimore Sun 

Dear Friends,

We’re writing with news about Shriver Hall Concert Series’ Subscription Series concerts on October 21 and November 11 at Baltimore Hebrew Congregation. 

The leadership of Baltimore Hebrew Congregation informed us a few days ago that its Auditorium has experienced damage to the stage floor. Due to this, the venue for these two concerts is now Baltimore Hebrew Congregation’s Sanctuary. 

 The Sanctuary is conveniently located down the hallway from the Auditorium and is fully accessible. The free parking, building entrance, and pre-concert talk location are unchanged. Also unchanged are the artists, programs, and 5:30 pm start time.  

 We are deeply grateful to you for your continued loyalty and flexibility during Shriver Hall’s construction. We are delighted to be working with the team at Baltimore Hebrew Congregation to ensure that you have an outstanding experience at these very special performances.  

Thank you for being part of our wonderful community. 

With warmest regards,

Edward F. McCarthy, Chair 

Catherine Cochran, Exectuive Director