Belcea Quartet Review

Mar 18, 2015

"This ensemble from England has developed exceptional cohesiveness in terms of artistic temperament and technique. The players have a way of making music sound freshly composed, even as they make clear just how long and intimately they have lived with every note."

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Gil Shaham performs sterling recital of unaccompanied Bach at Shriver Hall

Jul 01, 2014

"One of the coolest things about Bach is how all that technical and expressive beauty is as apparent in a work for solo violin as in a large-scale piece for chorus and orchestra. This point was driven home superbly by Gil Shaham during his all-Bach, all-unaccompanied recital for the Shriver Hall Concert Series Sunday evening."

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Finley & Drake Winterreise Review

Feb 17, 2014

"It takes rare vocal skill and interpretive insight to bring out all of this, to make an audience see such powerful imagery, to feel the emotional weight of each step and sigh of "Winterreise." Finley, a singer equally acclaimed in opera houses and recital halls, achieved those results in this concert."
Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun

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