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Bring a Friend

Oct 03, 2011

As our Season gets started, we’d like to thank those of you who subscribe and purchase individual-concert tickets to the Series. Great artists need great audiences, and we certainly have the best! You are one of the main reasons we are able to attract artists like Christian Tetzlaff, Steven Isserlis, Richard Goode, and the Takacs Quartet (to name a few) year after year. Indeed the Shriver audience is well known locally and abroad as one of the most knowledgeable and attentive - always actively contributing to each performance by bringing positive energy and genuine interest in the repertoire and performers.

At the same time these are tough days for music organizations seeking to attract new audiences. Along with the role the current economic turmoil plays, the sheer number of entertainment options makes getting new people in the door a real challenge, and marketing costs are always rising.

Friends - you are our best advocates, and strongest allies. Every time you bring a friend to a concert, recommend the Series to associates, or forward our emails, brochures, facebook page, and website to your constituents, you are helping preserve the Series and the longevity of the music you love. We urge you to help the Series maintain a bright future by doing all of the above. Our staff will work with you to ensure good seating arrangements if you’d like to share the SHCS experience with a friend and discounts may apply. Thank you for your continued loyalty and support!