• Looking for the perfect place to have a delicious meal before or after a concert?

    We recommend the following restaurants and urge you to show your appreciation of their support of the Series by patronizing them often. 

  • Gertrude’s

    Regional Chesapeake Cuisine in the Baltimore Museum of Art.

    Distance from Shriver Hall: 0.6 miles

    10 Art Museum Drive
    Baltimore, MD 21218
    Reservations: 410.889.3399

  • Johnny's Restaurant

    A Maryland seafood restaurant that centers around regional classics with a few modern twists.

    Distance fromShriver Hall: 2.6 miles

    4800 Roland Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21210
    Reservations: 410.773.0777

  • Petit Louis Bistro

    Open before, during, and after performances 7 nights a week.

    Distance fromShriver Hall: 2.6 miles

    4800 Roland Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21210
    Reservations: 410.366.9393

  • Ambassador Dining Room

    Upscale Indian fare is served in a dignified wood-beamed space with fireplaces & a seasonal garden.

    Distance from Shriver Hall: 1.3 miles

    3811 Canterbury Rd
    Baltimore, MD 21218
    Reservations: 410-366-1484

  • Cinghiale

    Lively wine bar & formal restaurant serving a daily menu of upscale Italian cuisine in stylish digs

    Distance from Shriver Hall: 4.4 miles

    822 Lancaster St
    Baltimore, MD 21202
    Reservations: 410-547-8282

  • Bar Vasquez

    Argentinean classics paired with cocktails & an extensive whiskey list in a polished, rustic space.

    Distance from Shriver Hall: 4.4 miles

    1425 Aliceanna St
    Baltimore, MD 21231
    Reservations: 410-534-7296

  • Dylan’s Oyster Cellar

    A Rustic bar and restaurant specializing in oysters, seasonal seafood, plus gin and whiskeys.

    Distance from Shriver Hall: 0.9 miles

    3601 Chestnut Ave
    Baltimore, MD 21211
    Reservations: 443- 759-6595

  • Cypriana

    Stylish, upscale restaurant with a spacious deck offering Cypriot and Mediterranean cuisine and drinks.

    Distance from Shriver Hall: 1.2 miles

    105 W 39th St
    Baltimore, MD 21210
    Reservations: 410-837-7482

  • La Cuchara

    Elegant eatery with an intimate atmosphere serving Basque fare such as pintxos and tapas.

    Distance from Shriver Hall: 2.0 miles

    3600 Clipper Mill Rd
    Baltimore, MD 21211
    Reservations: 443-708-3838