Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tim Smith Praises Europa Galante's "consistent technical polish" during Shriver Hall performance!

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The Baltimore Sun's Tim Smith reviews the January 17 concert featuring Europa Galante and Fabio Biondi: "The musicians deftly spotlighted all the distinctive nuances -- from the downright noble depth of the Andante in a D major Concerto by Vivaldi (the crescendo had terrific power) to the wildly dancing finale of a Sinfonia by Giovanni Porta and the surprise turns that cap a Sinfonia by Nicola Porpora."

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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Tim Smith and Charles Downey Name SHCS Concerts as Top Picks for 2016

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The Baltimore Sun's Tim Smith and Charles Downey of Ionarts announce their top concert choices for Winter/Spring 2016!  Included are Shriver Hall Concert Series performances by Europa Galante, Gil Shaham & The Knights, and Nicole Cabell.  Don't miss these stellar artists as they take the Shriver Hall stage to bring you the very best in classical music in Baltimore!

Click Here to read Tim Smith's complete list!

Click Here for Charles Downey's top picks in January!


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