Monday, January 28, 2013

Baltimore Sun Review of Marc-Andre Hamelin's "Compelling" Recital

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Baltimore Sun music and theater critic Tim Smith's review of Marc-Andre Hamelin's Jan 27th concert at Shriver Hall Concert Series begins:

From the very first chord, there was no doubt that Marc-Andre Hamelin's recital Sunday evening for the Shriver Hall Concert Series was going to be compelling…That chord, which launched a transcription by Tivadar Szanto of Bach's G minor Fantasia and Fugue for organ, was articulated not just with terrific force, but a delectable richness of tone as well.

He goes on to say,

Rachmaninoff also figured prominently on the recital. Hamelin tore into the Second Sonata with a blend of startling bravura and white-hot lyricism, creating an action-packed tone poem…

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Marc-Andre Hamelin Shriver Hall Concert Series Debut previewed in today's Baltimore Sun!

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Today's Baltimore Sun features a preview of Marc-Andre Hamelin's debut performance at Shriver Hall Concert Series. Sun critic Tim Smith opens the article by saying

There is no shortage of pianists with pristine techniques today. There is even a decent supply of polished pianists who possess the rarer attribute of musicality. But Marc-Andre Hamelin still stands out from the pack.

Critics have been known to sound more like fan club presidents when describing Hamelin performances, tossing off adjectives like "legendary," "fearless" and "electrifying," or even giving him the title "piano superhero."

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