Chair's Welcome

The 49th season at Shriver Hall promises to be wonderful. Each exceptional musician, some appearing for the first time and others returning to our stage, will transport you, the listener. Just as Paul Cezanne had 16 different shades of blue on his palette, so will each performer offer a rich and variegated understanding of the compositions.


We, the Board and the administration, strive to provide the best chamber music in the region and invite your feedback about the Series. As the costs continue to rise (our budget is nearly $600,000), we want to ensure that you are hearing the premier performers in the world.  In order for us to continue to achieve our mission, please consider an annual gift so the Series will be here for future generations, or, if you are already a donor, please consider a small increase.


A special thanks to our subscribers.  We appreciate the commitment you have made in the past and continue to make each year by subscribing.  To all our patrons, whether you are here for the first or the one hundredth time, please get to know those around you.  Chamber music is an intimate listening experience and we want to make your time here warm and inviting.


Thank you for being an attentive and appreciative audience.  Our performers love playing at Shriver Hall because of you.


Geoff Greif, Board Chair


From The President

As I write this, Shriver Hall Concert Series (SHCS) is about to embark on its 49th season featuring a truly all-star lineup of many of classical music’s most sought-after performers. We are also well into planning a very special 2015-16 Season celebrating the 50th Anniversary of this organization.


So it seems a natural time to reflect on SHCS’s illustrious past and also to think critically about how we, together, can achieve our mission of “fostering and maintaining an organization dedicated to the making of music consonant with the highest aspirations of musical art” for generations to come. We are fortunate that we can start this process of self examination from a position of great strength as we have been successful in recent years with many great performances, an effective business model, and most importantly a large, loyal, and dedicated base of concert-goers and donors who love and support our work. How do we sustain this? The answer lies within this same collective community that currently defines SHCS.


There has been much talk in recent years about the atrophying of classical music organizations and audiences. I personally do not subscribe to the notion that classical music is in decline and that audiences are ‘graying’ or ‘dying-off.’ This myth can be dispelled by comparing average partron ages now, 25, and 50 years ago.  How else could we possibly explain that our core audience age range is nearly the same today as it was 30 years ago?


While SHCS is successful today, we must never rest on our laurels! The fact is the Series exists in a market where there is huge competition for consumer entertainment dollars. This means that we must work harder than ever to attract, engage, and retain every single patron. Reaching-out to new listeners must be our primary goal.


This is a task that is just too large for our staff and Board of Directors to tackle alone. So we turn to those of you who bring your passion and dedication to Shriver Hall and ask you to share SHCS. By sharing your enthusiasm for the music we present, spreading the word about our performances, inviting friends to concerts, and giving away your unused tickets you will be SHCS's strongest mechanism of ensuring a bright future. Concert going is a very special collective experience – and keeping an organization such as this vibrant requires a collective community effort.


Stephen Jacobsohn, President


Shriver Hall
Geoffrey L. Greif
Vice Chair
Edward F. McCarthy
Julie A. Schwait
Tamera Gundersen
Ellen Blaustein
Robin Breitenecker
Regina Anderson Campbell
Jephta Drachman
Alan S. Edelman
Janice Chandler Eteme
Elaine Freeman
Carla D. Hayden
Margot Heller
Heidi Hutton
Helmut Jenkner
Barbara Kornblatt
Reiko T. Lee
Sayra W. Meyerhoff
Mellasenah Y. Morris
Harriet L. Panitz
Solomon Snyder
Winston Tabb
Gregory W. Tucker
Nanny Warren
James Weiss
Sander Wise

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